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Garden of Eden Coffee Gift Pack

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4 X 250G bags of our most popular ground coffee including decaf. Great as a sampler gift for the coffee connoisseur. 

The Garden of Eden Coffee gift pack includes 4 x 250g bags of each of the following varieties as pictured ; Everlasting Joy, Harmony, Heavenly Blend Decaf, and Bright & Beautiful.

Garden of Eden coffee not only tastes great and is environmentally and ethically sound, but also makes a difference to people who are struggling, in ill-health, or simply need to talk to someone. Garden of Eden coffee directly supports the work of Premier Lifeline: the UK’s national Christian helpline service providing emotional and spiritual support from a Christian perspective to thousands of people every month. Launched 25 years ago, this confidential telephone helpline is run by a trained team of more than 180 volunteers, taking calls 15 hours a day, 7 days a week.

A coffee break is sometimes exactly that. A chance to break down barriers and talk about things that really matter.

We ensure the coffee you drink is sustainable and supports the communities that grow it. We support and help fund the growth of ethical coffee plantations across the world, both by encouraging the sharing of best-practice techniques and by paying farmers a fair premium on the sustainable coffee they produce. This is why every cup of Garden of Eden coffee you drink gives a little extra back to the cooperative communities of our coffee growers. We do this by paying an ethical premium on each of our blends of either 5% or 10% on the price of a tonne of green coffee. Garden of Eden coffee is available in Nespresso compatible pods which are compostable, as well as whole bean and ground coffees, with a great range of tastes and strengths. By changing your coffee brand you will be helping to change lives. Our coffees are available on subscription, as well as in mail order pack sizes straight to your door. Why not give our Coffee a GOE!