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Premier Youth and Children’s Work magazine is for anyone passionate about raising the next generation. Each monthly issue is full of ideas, advice, resources and up-to-date news to help shape your work with children, young people and students.

In April's Issue:

  • In the midst of all the confusion, doubt and heartache around Coronavirus, we also want to acknowledge that this is not the end of the story. 
  • April’s edition of Premier Youth and Children’s Work celebrates the miracle of Easter and new life.
  • Alex Ednan-Laperouse reveals how he reconciled his faith after losing his sister, Natasha, following a fatal allergic reaction to a takeaway sandwich, and learned to see the goodness of God even in the worst of times. 
  • We look at how to share the hope of the resurrection with the young people we serve alongside, and examine how we can encourage children to step into the miraculous.

Plus much more.


Premier Youth and Children’s Work is for those passionate about raising the next generation. In each monthly issue of the magazine we’ll provide ideas, advice, resources and guidance to support and shape your work with children and young people.

Each magazine contains full-length feature articles – some deeply practical, some more challenging – along with up-to-date news, culture, testimonies, Q&A, case studies, reviews, how-to guides, games, crafts and resources, as well as regular columns around leadership, mental health, additional needs, safeguarding and much more.

Plus, our Faith at Home section aims to support parents and carers in their important role.