Unbelievable? 2014 DVD - Reasonable Faith in an Uncertain World – Premier

Unbelievable? 2014 DVD - Reasonable Faith in an Uncertain World

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The Unbelievable? Conference - Unreasonable Faith in an Uncertain World DVD/CD twinset features over 13 hours of video and audio from the live event.

If you couldn’t be there or missed anything on the day, you’ll be able to watch and listen to the whole conference, and share with friends, family and church in your own time.

DVD features:

• Welcome by Justin Brierley • Opening Address “Can we change the world? Or is that just a Cliché?” – Os Guinness • Is there evidence for God? Key arguments for a Reasonable Faith - William Lane Craig • Is it Fool’s Talk? Recovering the art of persuading those who are closed - Os Guinness • Is atheism winning the battle for science? William Lane Craig, Craig Hazen & Zweerink • Speaker Panel Discussion and audience Q&A chaired by Justin Brierley

Audio MP3 CD features:

Jesus and the Gospel

• How do we know the tomb was empty? Craig Hazen • Is Jesus still relevant today? David Robertson • The Ring of Truth: how the Gospels authenticate each other – Tim McGrew

The Big Questions

• Has science disproved the Bible? Jeff Zweerink • Why God allows evil: where is he when disaster strikes? Clay Jones • What do we do with the Old Testament? Clay Jones

Reaching Others

• How do I engage with young people? Ruth Jackson • How do I engage with Muslims? Jay Smith • How do I engage with atheists? David Robertson