Premier Woman Alive Magazine - February 2021

Premier Woman Alive Magazine - February 2021

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Wherever you are on your faith journey, Premier Woman Alive offers ideas, inspiration and advice to help draw you close to God and to live out what you believe. 

Many of us are feeling lonely in lockdown but for many of the 30% of single people in the church, loneliness is a long-term reality. We decided to eschew Valentine's Day for our February issue to hear from those who often feel alienated or unrepresented in church community. In this issue

  • Our regular devotion is for those struggling with the constant lack of human contact
  • We speak with Lauren Windle about her new book: Notes on Love: Being Single and Dating in a Marriage Obsessed Church
  • Leading author and lifestyle coach Cathy Madavan tells us why we should value our female friendships
  • 'Single Christians have much to teach the Church’. In her Bible Study, Elaine Storkey says we need to recover a New Testament vision of singleness

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