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Unbelievable? Conference 2016 - Digital Download

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If you couldn’t be there or missed anything on the day, you’ll be able to watch and listen to the whole conference, and share with friends, family and church in your own time.

Digital Video Download features:

Welcome by Justin Brierley • Opening Address – J.John • Natural Evangelism – J.John • How to show the resurrection really happened – Gary Habermas • Welcome Back by Justin Brierley • Making sense of God and mental illness – Jerry Johnston • How a dice shows God Exists - Justin BrierleyThe Bible changed the world and can change the UK – Cary L Summers • Panel Discussion and audience Q&A chaired by Justin Brierley

Audio MP3 features:

What if they ask me?...

The Bible: Is it history? – Cary L Summers • Christ or Muhammed? – Beth GroveSurely you don’t believe in the supernatural? – Gary Habermas

The Rules of Engagement

How can I know it’s true? – Tanya Walker • Confessions of a former sceptic – UK Apologetics team • The good, the bad and the ugly of online apologetics – UK Apologetics team

Reaching Young People

Youth Apologetics as Evangelism – Ruth Jackson, Jamie Cutteridge & Yemi Adeshina • Reaching the Prodigals – Ruth Jackson, Jamie Cutteridge & Yemi Adeshina • Panel Q&A – Jamie Cutteridge, Yemi Adeshina, David Bennett & Beth Grove