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Unbelievable? The Conference 2017 - Digital Download

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With over 12 hours of video and audio, relive the talks, seminars and discussion from “Unbelievable? The Conference 2017: Why Christ? Discover how Jesus is the answer to life the Universe and everything”. Over 600 people gathered in London for the 2017 Conference to hear from speakers including John Lennox, Andy Bannister and Beth Grove, as well as Jeremiah J Johnston of the Christian Thinkers Society, a Tim Smith of the Museum of the Bible, our conference partners. Conference host Justin Brierley also takes the stage to launch his new book “Unbelievable? Why, after ten years of talking with atheists, I’m still a Christian”.



Opening Address 

Why Christ is the answer to Life, the Universe and Everything

  -  John Lennox

Not so Unbelievable?

Why, after ten years of talking with atheists, I’m still a Christian.

   -  Justin Brierley

Dawkins, Hawking and the case for God

Why my Christian faith makes sense of my science.

  -  John Lennox

"What do I do when God is silent?"

Making sense of our doubts about faith.

  -  Jeremiah J Johnston

“Are we ready to provide answers”

  -  Jeremiah J Johnston

“Concluding Panel Q&A”

  -  Justin Brierley and conference guests



Engaging Islam

How to talk with a Muslim about who Jesus really is.

 -  Beth Grove

Putting the Bible back in the conversation

Museum of the Bible? Why now? Why in the UK?

 -  Tim Smith

Why Atheists need Jesus

How do we begin to show sceptics that only Jesus is worth trusting in?

  -  Andy Bannister

Why does God allow suffering?

Where is God when life hurts and how do we talk to those going through suffering?

  -  Andy Bannister

Why we aren’t Muslims

Grappling with Islamic ideas

  -  Beth Grove & Sarah Foster

Reclaiming the radical life of Jesus

Why Jesus himself is the most attractive thing we can offer young people.

  -  Ruth Jackson, Jamie Cutteridge & Sarah Foster

How Jesus’ death makes sense of life

Why the death, resurrection and kingdom of Christ can give young people hope through suffering.

  -  Ruth Jackson, Jamie Cutteridge & Yemi Adeshina

Youth Panel Q&A

The team answer questions with time for prayer ministry too.

  -  Jamie Cutteridge, Ruth Jackson, Yemi Adeshina & Sarah Foster