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Unbelievable? 2018 - #JustAsk Tough Questions. Honest Answers. Real Speakers. Digital Download

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 With over 12 hours of video and audio, relive the talks, seminars and discussion from seventh annual Unbelievable? Conference helod in May 2018. The day brought together an international team of thinkers, evangelists and apologists; equipping everyone to share their faith in a skeptical world.

The conference was hosted by Justin Brierley, host of the popular weekly radio show & podcast Unbelievable? which brings Christians and non-Christians together for dialogue.


Justin Brierley

Opening Address

Beyond Answers: Keeping the faith when life is tough – Rob Parsons

Spoken Word – Glen Scrivener

5 Hard Questions Glen Scrivener & Andy Bannister

Improbable Planet: How earth gives us evidence for heaven Hugh Ross

What do I do when loved ones reject faith? Rob Parsons & Katharine Hill

Panel Questions and Q&A chaired by Justin Brierley



Finding Christ in a suffering world Sharon Dirckx

A Christ-like response to Islam Andy Bannister

If Krishna and Buddha met Christ Ken Samples


Is God behind human biology? Fuz Rana

Even more hard questions… Q&A

Sharon Dirckx, Fuz Rana & Ken Samples

How to be an online evangelist (and not suck) Glen Scrivener


Reaching young prodigals Ruth Jackson & Rob Parsons

Is my child’s iphone a problem? Ruth Jackson, Katharine Hill & Gareth Crispin

What questions are our kids actually asking? Ruth Jackson & Gareth Crispin & Phoebe Hill

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